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We enhance lead generation more from organic search. So let the best SEO Agency In India help you unlock new opportunities and reach your potential with extraordinary SEO strategy.

Our SEO Services Overview

The best SEO services equipping you with the right SEO strategies for the success

Competitor Analysis

Researching the competitor landscape and the industry benchmark that is in tandem with your business goals

Audience Understanding

We design SEO marketing based on the customer’s requirements, affinities, and pain points for a better drive.

Analytics Setup

We keep a regular tracking and analytics of the process with the custom configuration to ensure data integrity.

Customer Journey

Device the investment based on the purchasing journey of the customer across the channels

Conversion Optimization

Ensure there is improved ROI by testing the purchase path and design enhancement

Auditing the Site

We use a proprietary analysis model to assess the website and the effectiveness of the existing SEO strategy.

Content Audit

Engaging the target audience with quality content is the key; hence we assess the existing content.

Clean Link Profile

We audit the links and remove the toxic ones to ensure there is no google penalty with proactive identification.

How Do We Help?

We think beyond the wave to maximize your ROI

We follow four steps for you to get found, get the leads and convert them into customers. Our team works closely with you to ensure you have the best online presence to reach your audience and convert them into valuable leads.

Step 1: Getting The Insight

Live data is our starting point in going ahead to serve you. As a professional SEO company, we get this data from your website and other external sources and platforms you use. We also conduct our own research to understand you as a client and your business. It enables us to get a comprehensive insight into your business objectives, competitors, and the industry landscape. Our team knows when these data are interpreted correctly, it is a gold mine for creating SEO strategies.

The aim is to identify the scope and areas of opportunity while assessing whether the objectives’ nature is realistic. We hence gain our insight through:

  • SEO objective of the client
  • Goal and analytic tracking
  • Researching the keywords
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape

Step 2: Strategizing The SEO

As the best SEO agency in India, we develop a bespoke SEO strategy by compiling the inputs from content, technical and creative specialists. Then, we customize the strategy to meet the client’s brief by collating all this information. We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all idea. Hence, the process has a detailed route map for the campaigns, activities, and propositions.

We believe when there is a blueprint of the strategy, the client has more confidence in understanding how it will work across all the channels, reach the target audience and check whether the messages are aligned with the company objectives.

The process offers a cost-effective and smart route to achieve the KPIs and scales the business better. The strategy we devise for the SEO incorporates:

  • Content marketing
  • Onsite technical SEO
  • Linking the profiles
  • Focused outreach with the target audience
  • Regular press and news release
  • Social media outreach

Step 3: Creating The Foundation

During our initial SEO research, we look for any anomalies or discrepancies on-site that must be addressed before starting the campaign. Part of building a solid foundation for an SEO strategy by the best local SEO company is to ensure there is nothing that will hinder the campaign. Hence we look for issues that can impair navigation, engagement with the audience, reduce the goal conversion, or affect the campaign’s performance.

Any issues that can thwart the progress are discussed with the clients. Then, as per the agreement, it is taken care of by either our team or the client’s in-house team.

We know launching the SEO campaign without a robust and proven foundation will impact the ROI of the client.

Our foundation stage thus focuses on:

  • Architecture of the site
  • Optimization of the existing content
  • Mapping the keywords
  • Implementation to Call To Action
  • Optimization of the current technical SEO
  • Internal link structuring
  • Structuring the URL
  • Mobile experience

It’s time you buy SEO services from the best in the industry!

Step 4: Delivering The Campaign

Our focus is to deliver the marketing campaigns in line with the SEO strategy and plan that we have developed for the client. We work in a limited day cycle as agreed with the client, which allows us to evaluate the outcome of the strategy and develop them further for better results. Depending on the development, we can often focus on certain activity areas to retain the results and maintain the campaign to be on track.

For example, depending on the result, we can decrease the effort on content marketing or email marketing while increasing the focus on conversion optimization for a cycle and then revert to content marketing for the next cycle. The ability to be flexible to hone the strategy makes us the best SEO professional services in India. Moreover, it aligns with the data we have collected over time.

Part of our delivery campaign in the SEO service includes

  • Management of ongoing campaign
  • Technical support
  • Content support
  • Offsite building of links
  • Social profile management
  • Whitepaper and infographic downloads
  • Regular reporting on ongoing improvement


Anyone who says that you can view the success of SEO immediately is a snake-oil salesman. SEO results take effort, time, and patience, and also, there is no guarantee of success since it involves quite a lot of variables. But since our strategy consists in targeting lower competitive keywords with average traffic, it gets easier to get a ranking. As time progress and we gain more ground, we move from lower competitive keywords to the more competitive ones.
You can generally see improvement within three to six months, if not more. However, at times the lasting effect can be felt for about a year.

Yes, we do redesign an existing website. We analyze the website to understand whether it needs a complete overhaul. At times a website might just need little tweakings like the configuration of the SEO and some design adjustments. Unless required, we do not redesign a well-crafted designed website. In most cases, we maximize the technical SEO configuration and then start promoting it online.

Since there are too many variables in digital marketing, mainly with the secret of the Google algorithm, and SEO, to name a few, nobody can guarantee success. Still, we can assure you we will improve your status from where you are standing. Also, we can point you to the successful track record of VK Soft Solutions and put you in contact with some of our clients who can vouch for the results we produce.

Since we customize our services based on the client’s requirements, it isn’t easy to give an exact figure unless we have discussed the project with the client. For example, we have worked with companies who have a limited budget for digital marketing to those who can spend thousands. At VK Soft Solutions, the team adjusts the strategies based on the available budget instead of having a minimum amount threshold.

We work with every business, irrespective of its size. We have served clients from start-ups and local companies to national and multinational organizations. Over the years, we have helped enterprises from every sector and industry. So, don’t worry; we have you covered.